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Did you know that Murphy USA services over one million customers in 24 states in the U.S. every day?

That’s a lot of people who depend on our gas. And while we’re always striving to provide the lowest-priced gasoline possible, there are two things that are even more important than the price: the quality and safety of the fuel we sell.

The next time you ask yourself “which brand is the best quality gasoline?” - think Murphy USA.

Fuel Quality Guarantee
Murphy USA gasoline and diesel fuel comes with a 100% unconditional guarantee. If your vehicle ever has a mechanical problem caused by our gasoline or diesel fuel, we’ll pay for the repair. To stand behind that guarantee, Murphy USA goes to great lengths to provide you with the best quality gas on the market.

All Murphy USA gasoline and diesel products meet or exceed government regulations. All of our gasoline is inspected at the terminal to guarantee it’s the best quality gas before it is loaded onto carrier trucks. We also have a number of systems in place at our stores which allow us to monitor the quality of our fuels, 24 hours a day. All of this is to ensure that only the best quality gas ends up in your fuel tank.

Fuel Pump Safety
The safety of our employees and customers is of the utmost concern to Murphy USA, and we take a number of steps to ensure safety at every Murphy USA station across the country.

As an extra level of safety, each of our fuel pumps contains a filter that acts as an additional barrier to prevent contaminants from entering your vehicle. The filters are inspected regularly to ensure they are in top condition so you receive the best quality gas at the fastest flow every time you fill up.

Other pump safety measures:

  •  Inspected by state and local government regulatory agencies
  •  Independently tested by outside organizations
  •  24-hour Corporate Support Center with trained service agents
  •  Regular pump maintenance performed by ASC certified firms
  •  Ongoing physical equipment and product inspection performed by onsite store personnel
  •  24-hour electronic monitoring

For more information on the Murphy USA Fuel Quality Guarantee, please contact Murphy USA Customer Service at 1-800-843-4298 or email us at